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How to replace Domino A520i printer ink cartridge

  • Release time:2024-03-26 13:39:35


Important: To ensure your health and safety, please wear gloves and goggles before changing the Domino A520i printer ink cartridge.

The special design of the Domino A520i printer makes a pre-alarm for customers when replacing the ink cartridge and ensure the normal production of customers.

When Domino A520i printer's ink cartridge needs to be replaced, the Domino printer will have a yellow alarm to remind the user to prepare for the Domino printer ink. At this time, there is a certain capacity of ink inside the machine to ensure the normal operation of the machine.

When replacing the ink, you need to open the door of the chassis, check that the ink cartridge indicator is red, and the quality management module QMM detects that the ink cartridge is empty.Please replace the solvent cartridge or ink cartridge and rotate to remove the original empty ink cartridge when you see this indicator light. At this time, the Domino printer is in the state of no ink cartridges, the quality management QMM module will show a yellow alarm light. Place a new cartridge near the quality management module and verify it through the chip to verify that the ink type is consistent within the machine.

At this point, the Domino A520i printer will read the chip inside the cartridge for verification. After passing the verification, please remove the new cartridge and insert a 6mm hex wrench into the hole at the top of the wooden box, pry open the seal cover and remove it.

Then, insert the new cartridge into the Domino ITM until you hear a crisp sound to secure it.

When installing the ink cartridge, we need to pay attention to make sure the label of the cartridge is facing the outside and align it with the mounting hole to ensure the correct insertion of the ink cartridge.After insertion, a green light will be displayed, which indicates that the installation is complete, and the entire process of replacing domino ink is complete.

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