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How to solve the Linx 8940 printer leakage and nozzle blockage fault

  • Release time:2024-03-27 12:11:37


Our engineers teach you how to solve the Linx 8940 printer "leakage" phenomenon, there are mainly the following points to note:

1. Use the photoelectric eye of stable quality and reliable performance.

2. Adjust the installation position of the electric eye and the correct adjustment of the electric eye.

3. Ensure that the product does not move in the production line.

4. Choose the correct Linx 8940 printing dot matrix to avoid the production line speed faster than printer.

How to solve the blockage of Linx 8940 Printer nozzle?

First of all, the Linx 8940 printer itself has a truly fully automatic nozzle cleaning function. It will automatically start cleaning Linx nozzle when switching machine to ensure no clogging.

In addition, the Linx 8940 printer can install a set of filters in front of the nozzle to ensure that there will be no impurities, dust to corrode nozzle.

If the nozzle of the Linx 8940 printer is blocked, it needs to be cleaned by a professional maintenance engineer.

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