User Training on Markem Imaje Printer

Markem Imaje Printer

Markem Imaje Printer

Normally we will do operation training and normalization of the training process for our customers before using Markem Imaje Printer, which is an important step.

How to help our customers form correct using habit of Markem Imaje Printer?

1. Regularly change the Imaje Filters;

2. Make record of maintenance for Markem Imaje Printer;

3. Report maintenance condition and failure cause every time to customers and relevant managers;

4. Figure out the reasons for maintenance, take the report and well communicate with users, and press them on improvement of correctly using of the Imaje machines;

5. Managers should closely concern the reports from engineers, and make correct operation criteria with users to reduce failure frequency and improve brand recognition.

Some problems happened to Markem Imaje Printer is caused by customers' incorrect operation, which could also be brought by our insufficient training to the users.

How to improve our after sell service training system and quality? This should be started from the engineers. What we must do is just to well improve their technology, systematically train them on relevant Markem Imaje Printer application and ink issue.

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